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I would like to suggest that if a user is subscribed to more than one newsletter - which is probably a common occurance - then all the newsletters will be aggregated into one e-mail. If I'm marginally interested in 10 different topics, that means 10 different e-mails, which is a clutter. Just send it all together and make sure the formatting shows a clear distinction between the separate sites.

I've suggested this on the newsletter feedback thread but it was suggested I create a new feature-request, so this is it.

Now, this suggestion is actually kind of orthogonal to this one; maybe the best option is to have this aggregation is a toggle-able option.

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I like the merge idea from @Oak as an option. But I know some folks use their email to organize -- processing rules, flags, labels, what have you -- and this might be easier for that group of folks to have individual emails. – Chains Jul 28 '11 at 22:04
This should definitely be a toggle option, just like most newsgroups and mailing lists have a "digest" setting. Not everyone will want this, others will love it. – Cody Gray Jul 29 '11 at 0:25

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