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I'm confident we all love StackExchange everbeautiful notification bars.
They are gorgeous, look and behave similar, have fixed height and disappear with a fadeaway and a slide-up.

StackOverflow notification bar Programmers.SE notification bar

Lovely, aren't they?

However, a similar notification bar on Chat.SO/Chat.SE, to me, doesn't quite hit the mark; in fact, it annoys me.

enter image description here

My hatred is fueled and fed by a number of reasons:

  • It seems to pop up at random times (once a day?) and mentions I need to have some rep when the site itself has recognized me straight away (see the handwritten message).

  • I reach out to the right to get rid of it and then realize there is no close button in the right corner!

    Instead, unlike on any other StackExchange site, there is a label in a small font below the message. (Visible on the first screenshot if you haven't noticed it right away).

  • Err, well. Let's click it. What happens? Instead of the gorgeous “fade away, then slide up” animation, the pseudobar gradually decreases its height, chewing up the text on the way.

    Goat chewing grass
    Goat chewing grass by Stuart Chalmers

Well, obviously I'm not happy with that.

While I'm perfectly fine with the styling (font and colors), I'd like my “close” button in its rightful place, the bar popping up when it's got something to tell me and the text not being chewed up as, however useless it may be, I do feel sorry for it.

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Good post, that drives me crazy also. – Lance Roberts Aug 3 '11 at 23:08

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