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Seeing questions come up like these:

I'm wondering: Can I contribute a patch directly to Lucene.Net which would solve these issues?

Or is a modified version of Lucene.Net used much as PageDown is to WMD?

Disclaimer: I know nothing about this technology, but I'm willing to learn it in my free time as indexing / searching / classification / clustering is of academic interest to me.

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Yep. I got the link from Jeff's blog post‌​. I think the trouble is that the original developer is now no longer responding to emails... – M. Tibbits Aug 4 '11 at 3:45
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We pretty much use it "as is", meaning the core + contrib. We did investigate re-writing the IO layer (it is pluggable), but... that didn't end well.

Contributing a patch, of course, won't mean that we immediately take that update (although we're fairly slapdash agile about such things), and if/when we do that won't automatically mean that we forcibly re-index everything immediately (although we probably would).

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Totally understand. Just want to know how I can best be of help. – M. Tibbits Aug 4 '11 at 5:35

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