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When we merge two users or two questions, the merge workflow goes like this:

  1. Find the user to merge into another (let's say, User X). Select the "merge" option.
  2. Input master user's ID into a textbox, double-check everything, click "Merge".
  3. User X disappears and becomes one with the master.

Tag merges seem to go differently. I might be doing this wrong, but following the mental model above, I typically go to the tag that I want to remove, which doesn't really work:

1) Find the tag you want to merge with another. Select the "merge" option:

enter image description here

2) The "old" tag name is populated in the "new tag name" field:

enter image description here

3) Do a double-take, copy the tag from the "new tag name" field into "old tag name", and proceed from there.

This seems counter-intuitive, since when we merge X with Y we usually assume that X will be going away (i.e. user X merged into user Y, post X merged into post Y, etc.). Tags seem to have this backwards.

I think it would be better to have tag merges behave the same way as other merges and conversions. Still... is this a defect or by design?

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Agreed 100%, this was very counter-intuitive for me as well. – Matthew Read Aug 4 '11 at 17:56
Yeah, I have no idea what the expected workflow is here, but I don't think I've ever used this tool without cut-pasting the name from box-to-box. – Shog9 Aug 4 '11 at 17:56
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Easy change, I just checked in a fix that populates it the other way around.

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