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The comments above and below jquery(document)... are rendered incorrectly. Here's a screenshot of the original page:

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That question is tagged both and , so the prettifier doesn't know what to do and chooses some default colorization that doesn't work well here. See this question for more information.

You can add a magic comment to specify the language before a code block. (This didn't exist back when that particular answer was posted.) You need one such comment before each code block for which you want to select a different language for highlighting.

<!--language: lang-js-->


(I thought this was supposed to work with <!--language: javascript--> too, but it doesn't. Why?)

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You can forcing the language that code block is interpreted as, see this post, which should fix this.

To force JavaScript, we can use <!-- language: lang-js --> before the code block.

That said, the example question is tagged already, so it should automatically be doing this, but maybe the other tags were getting in the way...

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