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When visiting the sites, I often check my profile page for any changes to:

  • Flags I have submitted (and consequently my flag weight)
  • Reputation changes
  • Favourites

However, at the moment, when I want to check my flagging summary I have to navigate back to my profile by clicking my user name, rather than just changing tabs as I do between reputation and favourites:

enter image description here

I propose adding the profile page tabs to the flagging summary page, in order to keep the profile page consistent (and to improve my Stack Exchange navigation speed):

enter image description here

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Not a bad idea I think. But to make it more consistent, don't you think there should be a "Flagging" tab added to the tabs list?

However, since the flagging information is private, this should only be visible to the user when logged in, similar to "Flair" which is also not shown when not logged in.

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