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This is related to this question, about ignoring dashes in the tag search.

How about we ignore them when they're not entered, so that tags will be found with dashes or not, BUT lets allow if the user puts a dash in, to bring up just the tags with a dash.

Here's an image showing that stl- doesn't show all the tags that start/contain that phrase, it completely ignores the dash, so the user doesn't see the other valid stl- tags:

Tag Selector Broken Dash Example

I hope I explained it so you understand, I think the dash should be ignored in one direction but not the other.

NOTE: Right now it means for instance that I cannot bring up a list of all tags that start with stl-, I have to type each letter and see what's there, like stl-a.

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I agree that this should be changed. Other punctuation should be ignored, but not hyphens. – Matthew Read Aug 9 '11 at 21:06

A large reason for duplicate tags is one person creating it with a dash, the other one without; say vs. or vs. . That is why the dashes are ignored when searching for a tag (not only in the tag editor, but also e.g. in the search box on the tags page. We want people to see the alternatives.

This isn't related to the new tag editor, by the way – this happened just as well in the old autocomplete version; nothing has changed there.

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yes, it's the behavior on the tags page also, but there's more possible selections there so it doesn't matter. Now people will just not realize that there is a tag out there, and recreate it. And for those of use who know the tag is there, it takes that extra nanosecond of time. (why oh why do I only have a 5-minute comment edit time) – Lance Roberts Aug 10 '11 at 7:11

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