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I was reading this question, and I got the paranoias that I was the one that screwed up. So, I hopped over to the question to see who migrated it. Checking out the timeline, I see

timeline page

nothing about who migrated and where it was migrated. I believe this information should be in the timeline.

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Is it possible this would be an issue in the data? I'm not sure how we are storing stuff on the back end but I imagine this might include a cross-DB or cross-Server query. – JNK Aug 12 '11 at 13:20
Yeah, it seems inconsistent that this information is in the history view, but not the timeline (although it's in neither in this case since Jeff cleared the migration, I guess). – Tim Stone Aug 12 '11 at 14:00

It's kind of implied in the original version of the question, but only through my misreading of the information, and only if the question stays migrated:

Looked like migration information was included...

But there's no details on the receiving timeline at all about it's migration.

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The new timeline we released now includes migration events within it, which will indicate where it was to/from and the site involved (with a link to the original/new question on that site). Example here

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