I just found the tag - it has 83 questions, 23 of them also tagged .

From a first skimming of the questions, it looks like some of them might mean some keyword/constant named AES_ENCRYPT (in PHP?), and some other want actually specify that they are about the encryption instead of decryption part. (There is no , though.) Most of them simply mean "I want to encrypt using the AES algorithm".

I think this could be merged to without any losses.

There is also , which is about the medium-key-length variant of AES (other variants are the common AES-128 and the "very-high-security" AES-512 - but there are no tags for them). 8 of them are also tagged (and 3 , one question has all three tags.)

Some of them are actually about the 256-bit variant, others would be the same for any AES variant (or in fact for any block cipher algorithm).

I think this could also be merged with - if not, at least all of these questions should receive an additional tag.

Myself having only a score of 3 in the tag, I can't propose these synonyms for the experts to approve, so I'm calling for help here.

Hmm, I should not post requests on friday evening, they tend to fall down.

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Good idea -- I merged all your suggestions together.

(I did not set up synonyms; let's see if people stick to like they should.)

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Thanks! (We can see in this question how having the right tag helps getting quick answers ... this got done in 8 minutes after adding the retag-request tag, while before it was ignored for a week without this tag.) –  Paŭlo Ebermann Aug 20 '11 at 15:07
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