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This image says it all:

The answerers are so lucky... Somehow they answered this question 18 hours before it was even asked... How did they do that?

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This question was merged with another one, asked 18 hours ago. Those people answered that question, and their answers simply got merged over into this one but kept the same time stamp.

A quick check of the revisions history confirms. It says:

Post Merged from… by Kev Ω♦

That is, this question (10k only), posted 18 hours ago.

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aah, I see it now: merged by Kev Ω♦ 19 mins ago – genesis Aug 13 '11 at 12:56

There was another question that was a dupe asked by the same user. I closed as duplicate, merged then deleted the duplicate. That's why the times might be a bit odd.

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