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When you search through the recently created tags, ordering by the newest, if you type something into the search box and then delete it, the tags are then shown alphabetically ordered. I would expect to see the tags again ordered by the creation date.

Steps to Reproduce:

1 Click here (noting that the link orders by 'newest') You should see:

Tags ordered by creation date

2 Enter 'waffles' into the search box. You should see:

Waffles.  Yum.

3 Erase 'waffles' from the search box and you should see:

No more waffles.  Boo.

The list of tags is now ordered alphabetically, but you had requested that they be ordered by creation date. Please consider this an ultra-low priority bug (or status-by-design).

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This was fixed a while back. – Oded Aug 7 '13 at 14:00

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