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At there's a list of newsletters one can subscribe to. Since Area51 is not exactly the same format as the other sites within the SE network, it doesn't have a newsletter by default.

However, I'm registered at this site, and I'd like a newsletter since I don't visit as frequently as I do at most other sites.

As per the comments on my initial question (thanks to Benjol for mind-reading skills), this newsletter could contain:

  • new proposals
  • proposals that are nearing end of commitment phase
  • new sites in beta
  • new graduates out of beta
  • betas that "need work" in some area. For example, (at the time I'm writing this), Travel needs work on questions/day and visits/day.
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I love this idea. I would also suggest a newsletter also contain some abbreviated FAQ for newbies, a do's and don't's of the sites, ways to navigate. – Jeni Sep 30 '12 at 14:34

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