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How do I use the "Requires Moderator attention" option (when flagging a question)?

As far as I can see there only a Cancel button. I don't know how to send off the text for the "Requires Moderator attention" option.

Update 1: this happens if there are less than 10 characters or more than 150 characters - the number of characters must be in [10;150].

For the two other options, "Spam" and "Offensive, Abusive, or Hate Speech", there is a "Flag Post" button.

Don't I have enough reputation to do that? The FAQ only mentions one limit concerning flagging: "15 Flag offensive" and I currently have 201.

In particular I was trying to flag

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If you select the option a text box should appear. When you've entered 10 or more characters into the text box explaining why you're flagging the post the "Flag Post" link should appear.

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Thanks. I think I found the reason: I pasted more than the maximum of 150 characters into the field. – Peter Mortensen Jul 28 '09 at 11:12

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