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I recently do often search queries like title:problem [java] closed:0 on Stack Overflow.

These give quite a lot of results, and are in no particular order ("Relevance", whatever this means). Thus I select the "active" tab to see recently active questions with these search terms (to avoid spamming the first page when editing too old questions). I click some questions (and edit the titles).

Then I think "Are there also any new questions if I change problem to problems"? So, I add an s to the edit box over the list, press Enter, and ...

I'm again on the "relevance" tab (with the new search term). So I have to click the "active" tab again.

I think that I did this at least a dozen times today (with slightly differing search terms: problem, question, help, problems, questions, and in the tags , , , , , , , ..., with and without closed:0).

Could the search, at least if invoked from this search box over the result list, please remember on which tab I was, and show the result in the same tab (e.g. ordered the same way)?

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A real pain point and really annoying :( Relevance doesn't seem to be calculated in a way that is helpful to me. It usually lists old and often outdated results. Switching back to "relecance" also does happen "silently". I often wonder why the search result doesn't provide anything useful until I see that the wrong tab is activated again, even though I just changed it a second before. – zoechi Nov 4 '15 at 8:40
I run into the same issue. Can a "declined" request" be voted "reopen" ? My (simple) suggestion would be to allow an addtional "search-field" command to select the tab, i.e something like "@new" goes to the newest tab while "@active" goes to the active tabe etc. This way, the default may still remain – BmyGuest Apr 8 at 13:34
I have now posted a related request which would solve this as well. – BmyGuest Apr 8 at 16:38

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