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Today I came across a situation where I knew that I'd answered another similar question some time ago, but couldn't remember on which stack exchange site it was. I ended up doing multiple searches on several different stack exchange sites before giving up and just doing the research again - answering the question from scratch.

As such, I wonder if it would be possible to implement the user: me syntax on the stack exchange search mechanism.

If this had already been implemented then it would have given me a single place to try out the different sets of keywords that I thought might help me find my answer.

Note, this question goes one step further than How can I list all my questions and answers across all Stack Exchange sites? and I can see that there might be implementation issues with it due to issues raised here, but couldn't the OpenID for the stack exchange account be used to filter the questions and answers from other stack exchange sites?

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I don't believe so. The Stack Exchange network-wide search uses the Google Custom Search engine. It's a standard web search based on what Google sees. I do not believe they have that type of access to filter out results based on the post author.

To get around that problem, I typically type in my search followed by my username, which is always embedded in the text (as part of the flair).

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