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I just created a chatroom, made it private, and tried to grant access to another user. This doesn't seem to be possible:

  • In the “requested access” list, if I select any of the four settings on the per-user dropdown (be it “no special access”, “read access”, “write access” or “owner”) then click “change”, I'm brought to a Page not found.
  • Same thing if I click on “add a user” in the “explicit read access” or “explicit write access” or “owners” section and enter the user's name or chat user ID then click “grant read access”/“grant write access”/“make owner”.
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By the way, Michael can now access the room because I've associated it with the site where he's a moderator. But the bug stands. – Gilles Aug 20 '11 at 19:17

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This happens only on rooms that were created with either the "start a new room with this user" or the "move the comment discussion to chat" functions. Fixed after the next chat build.

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