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I recently discovered you could link to tags like . Is there a similarly simple way I can link to questions? If not, maybe adding this could be cool? For example [q:19] could turn into a link like this:

Fastest way to get value of pi.

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For questions and answers you may post just the URL and it will be replaced as a link with the question name.

It's more useful than your request because you seldom know the question ID, but it's easy to copy and paste a full link to a question.

(This does not work in comments, but comments do have a set of magic links that are converted into real links.)

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And this gives the full link, which I like much better than just A full link not only saves a trip to the web server to get a 302 Found (or a 301 Moved Permanently if SE is not expecting a referral link), but also ensures you're not actually messing around and directing to something else. ;-) – Arjan Aug 21 '11 at 18:20
Yeah, it was in a comment it happened. Got a link with dots rather than the name of the question. Like this:… – Svish Aug 21 '11 at 20:09

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