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Possible Duplicates:
List of all badges with full descriptions

I've read previous articles about the Tumbleweed badge, and most people say the maximum number of views you can have and still earn the badge is about 20-30. But this question has almost 60 views, and the asker still earned the badge. Believe me, it's old, but that number (66 views by now) was there since the first week it was posted, because I visit it every day, as I thought it might be useful for me.

I think 20-30 views is too few for big community such as Stack Overflow. It may be a good number for other Stack Exchange sites such as Gaming or Super User. (It's bad that my only question on Super User earned me this badge!)

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From the description here, it appears that:


  • bronze; awarded once
  • Ask a question that receives no votes, no answers, no comments and no more than 11-15 views in its first week of existence
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I don't know the exact limit on views for this badge, but the badge is not really useful in any way. It's just a "Wow, that question got neglected, didn't it." Problem questions are indicated by downvotes and sometimes low views (I find I'll get low views if I post on a weekend, no matter the question), and of course closure etc.; this badge just indicates that not a lot of people stumbled over your question in the first week, which isn't really useful feedback (at least not any more so that the already-present views counter). As such, I don't think the particular number matters.

It might be nice to have a full collection, but remember that you're not supposed to get every badge. Tweaking this so that more people get the badge, which is effectively a message saying "Hey nobody cares about this question", isn't a good thing!

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