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This is a user problem, but I've made this mistake almost every time I've edited tags on a question. I start to type a tag name, and the completion pops up:

Screenshot of the tag editor, still in the text field

"Hey!", I think. "There's my tag right there!". I haven't actually selected it; I'm supposed to hit Down so this happens:

Screenshot of the tag editor with a tag selected

But I don't, because I'm an idiot. So I press Enter, and the form gets submitted, even though I wasn't done. Can it be changed so that Enter doesn't submit the form if the tag editor is open? It can either select the top tag or do nothing; whichever seems better

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We are all idiots (Dilbert Principle). Good point. – GUI Junkie Aug 24 '11 at 21:31
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I don't know if you're an idiot, but at least you're useful.

Humorisitc combination of a depiction of a felis catus with a collection of orthographically suboptimally connected graphemes

Good point, added to the next build!

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