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Consider the following use case

  1. I have facebook.stackoverflow.com open
  2. I erroneously think its vanilla stackoverflow since they look identical and proceed to ask a regular (non fb) programming question
  3. I fill out the form and submit a beautifully written question, but not for anything related to facebook.

Does anything bad happen? Will I get yelled at for not tagging it as a facebook question? Or will it transfer to vanilla stackoverflow? Or will it get automatically tagged "facebook" even though it may have nothing to do with fb? I can't be the only one confused by this.

I could of course try it, but don't want to pollute stackoverflow with nonsense and can't think of a reasonable programming question right at the moment.

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You can't post a question to Facebook Stack Overflow without a Facebook related tag, we do not automatically add one.

If you look at the Ask a Question page, you'll see that the placeholder text for the "Tags" box says:

must include at least one tag relating to facebook

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