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In the same vein of When is "use jQuery" not a valid answer to a JavaScript question?

I'm starting to see answers (won't name names) for very simple or fundamental questions that are using the old "Use x framework!" answer, almost without considering the question. If someone has a basic SQL question, I really don't think that "Use a framework!" should be an encouraged answer. As much as I love overhead, I don't think changing architecture and line of thinking to accomplish one inner join is a high quality answer. At best it could be a point to consider in a larger answer.

I'm not a huge down-voter but I think a down-vote for these suggestions is warranted.

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You should downvote any answer that is not helpful or does not answer the question. As Robert says, if the answer is merely "use framework x", then it deserves a downvote. Otherwise, with a bit more elaboration, it's probably OK. Don't be afraid to cast downvotes, though. They're very useful in ensuring that the best answers appear at the top of the page (and in fact, are specifically designed for this purpose). – Cody Gray Aug 28 '11 at 0:29

"Use a framework" is not a valid answer, it is a comment.

However, "[This particular framework] should solve your problem. Here is a code example that will accomplish what you want" is a valid answer.

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And although it shouldn't really be necessary to point this out, the code sample needs to actually solve the problem, not just illustrate that the framework exists and does similar things. – Shog9 Aug 26 '11 at 15:01
Awesome. I just think it is such an unhelpful answer to people who'd rather have a firm understanding of what frameworks do, which has a tendency to get lost. – Nic Aug 26 '11 at 15:06

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