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After answering a question and it gets marked that somebody has edited it, why can you not ask why? Perhaps the person editing should give a reason that gets emailed.

Why is this not done - as somebody who may be malicious could put words in your mouth.

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Wow, @Gilles, despite 3 earlier edits we missed the erroneous tags! Nice edit. – Arjan Aug 28 '11 at 18:50

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You can look at the revision comment (and history) by clicking the time after "edited":

screen shot of where to click for revision history

If that doesn't explain it: you can leave a @user comment for the editor.

As for "put words in your mouth": Other people can edit my posts?!

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When the answer is edited, the reason may be entered, and it's visible in responses tab. Example:

Used the official name of Stack Overflow -see http://stackoverflow.com/legal/trademark-guidance, "Proper Use of the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange Name"

The fact that the default added X characters in body is often used is another topic.

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