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I was looking for the most efficient way to solve the problem in code within a reasonable range of accuracy. I was not looking for a way to calculate it by hand or even for an answer to the problem (which I already had) but for the best/most efficient methods to approach this programmatically. It seems people perhaps saw a diagram and marked it as off-topic automatically?

Best way to find the Coordinates of a Point on a Line-Segment a specified Distance Away from another Point

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The fact that you're looking for code doesn't come across at all in your question. You don't mention a programming language and the post is tagged .

If you're looking for solutions in multiple languages, you're probably better off posting on Code Golf and Programming Puzzles rather than Stack Overflow. And if you're looking for optimized solutions in a particular language, you should edit your question to make that clear.

If you have an existing solution that you want to improve, consider posting on Code Review instead.

With all that said, questions can be reopened by a moderator or via 5 reopen votes from community members. To draw attention to a closed question, you can flag it for moderator review or you can post here on meta, which you already did.

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chat rooms are also a reasonable way of discussing reopening after edits if there's an appropriately topical room. – Flexo Sep 2 '11 at 16:53

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