What testing tools should be used in conjunction with Stack Overflow? By "testing tools," I mean online tools for testing code like jsFiddle and Codepad.

It seems that the most common ones in use are jsFiddle for HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Codepad for interpreted/compiled languages like PHP and C++.

I recently discovered ideone, which is like Codepad, but supports more languages.

Does Stack Overflow recommend one or more of these sites, or is it up to users to choose?

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Who exactly do you mean by "Stack Overflow"? The company? The community? Are you sure this is rightly posted on Meta Stack Overflow? –  Pëkka Sep 7 '11 at 8:24
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For web apps I would recommend:

  • JSBin - http://jsbin.com
  • jsFiddle These two are great because you can share the code and get input from other developers on small 'hello world' examples of your issue.

  • CSSLint - csslint.net - which is more 'verification' to your css code.

  • JSLint - jslint.com Both will give you recommandations on what you can/should improve in your code.

IDEone - is cool you might want to check cloud9 which give you similar things with great integration of github.

Other testing tools for the back-end... there are so many and in most of the cases you want something that is supported with your technology (e.g. php, java etc').

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