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There is a little bug in that can be seen in a comment that was automatically transferred from this question to this chat post. The [title](url) encoding of the link is visible in the chat message:

Original comment

original comment

Chat version

chat version

I suspect that the link was entered in the comment in an unusual way (e.g., as en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_factor, without http://), and that has caused the bug.

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1 Answer

The problem is that the comment was posted with a newline in it, and although newlines are ignored for the purposes of rendering comments on the site, they aren't removed, and they aren't ignored when rendering chat messages. Since multiline chat messages are not parsed by the Markdown mini parser, the link Markdown was rendered as-is.

It would probably make sense for the comment migration process to strip newlines before submitting the comments to chat to keep the formatting consistent.

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