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If I click the flag button on a comment in a deleted post, it will show the overlay "I am flagging this comment as" and the options, but after I select one and press "Flag Comment," the usual "Thanks, we'll look at it" orange box does not appear.

So, are comments in deleted posts flaggable?

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Bug report: If anybody see that, here ( ) I was able to add comment to a bug report. Sorry I won't open a new question, because I won't risk this wonderful robo-downvoter collective to eliminate me from the site. – peterh Aug 12 '14 at 16:49
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It looks like it; I tried it and my browser got back a success response. I'm not getting the "thanks" box either though, even when I flag comments on non-deleted posts. I don't remember if it ever happened for comments; it might just be when flagging posts

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