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Is there a way to search for question which contains a specific tag (or set of tag), but no other tags.

For example if I wanted to have only pure [php] questions I would input in the search filed the following:


Or for question only concerning html and css I would input:


Is there already such a feature hidden in the SO Engine? If not, with the high number of question in SO, I feel like it would be a good feature.

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Can you give an example where this would be useful? There could be any number of secondary tags on a question, but that doesn't make it any less relevant to a tag search. Unless I'm missing something. – CodeNaked Sep 8 '11 at 14:32
You'd have to get people to tag "pure php" questions with only the php tag first. – Bill the Lizard Sep 8 '11 at 14:38
@CodeNaked: That is an idea which came to me when browsing the unanswered question to see if I can find something I could answer. But more often than not, the question are about the subject I know, plus a tool I am not familiar with, or a combination of languages which are individually familiar, however never encountered together. And browsing through the 300.000+ unanswered question can take a long time. – Eldros Sep 8 '11 at 14:39
@Bill I'm sure there are question which have only one tag, there must be. – Eldros Sep 8 '11 at 14:40
There's not too many unanswered, open questions only tagged with php. There are quite a few single tag, open questions, though. – Tim Stone Sep 8 '11 at 15:04
A single tag can sometimes be an indicator of low quality, so that kind of search might be useful for pruning purposes. – Matthew Read Sep 8 '11 at 15:45
@Tim: php was just an example to illustrate my idea. – Eldros Sep 9 '11 at 6:52
Your use of "!" would be confusing to some of us, as it often means "not" as in I might read your "![php]" as "all tagged items that are not tagged with "[php]." – John Tobler Sep 9 '11 at 20:02
@John: I admit that it might be confusing, any suggestion as what other symbol could be used in this case? – Eldros Sep 14 '11 at 8:20
@Tim Stone: I made a few change to your query, to search for the Number of unanswered post with single tag. This and Brock Adams helped me find a few answers where I could at least try to help. – Eldros Sep 14 '11 at 8:42
I would like to hear the opinion of the person who downvoted this question. – Eldros Sep 19 '11 at 8:08
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I do not find any single symbolic way in common use to specify a search only for one particular tag and excluding all others. As mentioned in my earlier comment, I do not approve your recommendation of '!' because it too closely resembles the negation operator used in many modern computer programming languages.

My best guess at a reasonable design is to use the asterisk, '*' to emphasize "only."

Example: type '*[php]' to specify "give me only items tagged with 'php' and nothing else."

This would avoid implying something like the "not" operator in common use.

I would also recommend providing '+' to make a tag required and '-' to prohibit one, including the ability to use multiple plusses and multiple minuses.

Example: '+[php] +[css] -[PDF]' to specify "give me items tagged with '[php]' and '[css]' but not with '[PDF]'.

That syntax is used at Delicious and in Google searches, so it is reasonably intuitive.

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See my answer to "Search for undertagged questions".

You can do this with the Data Explorer if you don't mind data that lags by a month.

Here's a search for questions with only the php tag.

Likewise for only html+css.

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I've found a way to look for questions without the one month tag. – Andrew Grimm Nov 21 '11 at 2:24

I've just noticed that if you do

[php] closed:0

and you sort by relevance, it looks like the first 5000 hits are only tagged with and nothing else.

If you're doing the query to tag under-tagged questions, this has the advantage over Brock's answer of not having the one-month lag.

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If you're wanting to search only for questions about php, but not about frameworks, then do something like

[php] -[zend-framework] -[codeigniter]

That way, you could search for questions that are about pure php, but also happen to mention, say, .

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