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and seem, to my non-Delphi savvy eye, to be about the same thing.

Should these be merged/synonymed? We recently moved a bunch of questions to from , and the questions seem to be quite similar. I'm guessing that -> would be the correct direction here, if a merge or synonym is in order.

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What is the correct tag for lightsaber-wielding users of the Force? – Michael McGowan Sep 19 '11 at 16:02
Jedi would be the correct tag, but not on SO unfortunately. – dsolimano Sep 19 '11 at 17:47
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"Jedi", in this case, is a reference to Project Jedi, which is a name for a group of projects that are in some way related to each other, such as JEDI Code Library (JCL), JEDI Visual Component Library (JVCL), JEDI Version Control System, and JEDI Quicktime project.

Between all the questions tagged , I can see there are some questions that are about JVCL, not JCL.

There are also questions about Jedi VCS.

Retagging questions that use with cannot be automatically done; at least, some of the questions should use a different tag; even supposing that there is no need to use a specific tag for Jedi VCS, there is still the need of a tag for the Jedi VCL.
Actually, there is already , which is used for 17 questions, but not from all the questions that are about Jedi VCL.

Probably, we should:

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Thanks @kiamlaluno. I'll wait another day or so in case anyone has other ideas, then make it happen. – dsolimano Sep 13 '11 at 11:46

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