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When creating a tag with an underscore, say wm_activate, the underscore is automatically modified to a hyphen: , which is by design.

Now, if you enter the tag [wm_paint] in the search criteria, then the underscore is deleted: [wmpaint] and no results are found.

Could the underscore in tags automatically be changed into hyphens, just as when creating tags with underscores, so it leads to the wanted results?

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I think this is a bug report, not a feature request. – agf Sep 13 '11 at 6:02
You have to purposefully hold shift to get the underscore on most keyboards. I don't see a reason to support this erroneous behavior. Users who manually search [tag] rather than tag should know enough not to do this, I would think, and searching wm_paint has valid results. – Matthew Read Sep 13 '11 at 16:22
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Starting in the next build, when checking for tags (keep in mind this only happens in the top N, usually 40 or 80 on most sites) we'll replace _ with -. The [a_b] case we won't handle...since you're being very explicit about asking for a tag there.

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