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I hope this is the correct place to ask for a new tag synonym for Stack Overflow.

I discovered this a few days ago and expected to be able to fix it myself when I reached the mythical 2,500 reputation, but alas, there are apparently additional constraints.

  • has 7 questions ever, 4 this year, 2 subscribers, top user 8 score; no wiki description.
  • has 44 questions ever, 33 this year, top user 10 score.

I also note the general pattern; there are many synonym mappings of the form [.ext] -> [ext]; perhaps this should be automated, or at least audited systematically.

I was hoping there would be a way for a low-reputation user to propose a synonym and have it vetted by a moderator, perhaps even as a mechanism to improve one's score. Surely this could not be the loophole the spammers have been waiting for.

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As implicitly suggested in… I went ahead and changed all occurrences of [.deb] to [deb] for now. There was a migrated question which I couldn't get at, though. – tripleee Sep 16 '11 at 7:05
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I took care of this, the last stray tags were merged into and a synonym was created. As a long time Debian user and programmer, I can't think of a case where .deb doesn't mean deb.

As far as how to get it done, those who have the ability to edit tags can quickly fix small scale obviously problem tags (e.g -> ). If a change is less than trivial, however and the proposed problematic tag has more than a hand full of followers, the merge / synonym request really should be discussed here.

This lets us avoid mistakes like making a synonym for , since the community has a few days to vote for the idea.

If the community signs off on it and there's nothing obviously wrong with doing it, a moderator will get it done in just a few clicks.

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