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I looked through meta, and it doesn't look like anyone's asked this before.

At http://stackoverflow.com/tags, I can view tags organized by the popular, name, or new tabs. Is there somewhere else on SO that I can view a list of tags I am currently subscribed to?

If not, should a subscriptions tab be added as another tab on the tags page?

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This is available at your stackexchange.com network profile

Click on your user page where it says "network profile". Once that loads click on the subscriptions tab.

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There's a link on your preferences page to "tag subscriptions", but it doesn't seem to work right; it just loads the last filter I looked at on stackexchange.com. It might work for you, I'm not sure exactly what's wrong with it

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Hmm, appears to be broken on my end as well. Thanks for the heads up, though. – robjb Sep 17 '11 at 3:01

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