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Are there any statistics (perhaps queries to run against the database) about what features appear often in accepted answers?

For example; do most accepted answers have less than, or more than, X words? (I'm struggling for the language here. Sorry. I welcome corrections and suggestions for proper terminology.)

Graphs of the bell curves for "number of words" (on X axis) vs "number of upvotes" would be (I think) awesome.

I'm sure other people would have better ideas for what features commonly appear in accepted (or heavily upvoted) answers - amount of formatting; number of paragraphs; length of words, etc.

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up vote 2 down vote accepted

I crated a modified Average Answer Score by Content Length query to include only accepted answers, available here:

Average Accepted Answer Score by Content Length

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You can use the Stack Exchange Data Explorer for this. If you search around, there are already lots of example queries to get you started. Phrogz showed one example where he created a plot of the Average Answer Score by Content Length. That query shouldn't take too much work to modify for only accepted answers.

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