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Is there a way or proposal for an advanced search feature? Examples being search for questions/answers with multiple tags, with bounties, that are X amount of months old with X rating, etc.
From the similar questions already asked, none of them really answer my question.

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These are the features currently in place. For the ones you've mentioned, the only one you can do is multiple tags; all others are not possible. If you want a specific feature and can't find a feature-request for it here on meta, then I suggest your post be limited to that specific feature. – waiwai933 Sep 18 '11 at 3:21
I too would like a list of all the X-rated posts – Michael Mrozek Sep 18 '11 at 3:42
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You can do all of them, except search for something that's X months old. For the rest:

  1. Questions/Answers: is:question or is:answer
  2. Multiple tags: [tag1] [tag2]
  3. Bounty: Go to or if you want it in a particular tag, go to the featured tab in that tag. e.g.,
  4. X rating (I assume you mean votes): votes:X will return posts which have at least X votes.
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The Stack Exchange Data Explorer is a read-only copy of (most of) the Stack Exchange database. It is updated approximately once a month, so it's only good for searching amongst old posts. You can make searches as complex as you can express in SQL.

If you want up-to-date data, you can retrieve a set of questions with the Stack Exchange API and perform further processing on your machine. This is only practical if you can use some simple filtering (on tags, title words or question or answer dates or ids) to get down a superset of at most a few hundred posts.

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