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When you visit site.com/admin/history/<moderator's-user-id>, it displays a "history" of actions taken by the moderator. Here's a small snippet from my history on [gardening.se].

Image of current history

This is not at all helpful because it is merely listing actions for which I have the necessary reputation to do anywhere on the site, irrespective of mod status. Also, the 2xAdded Comment is incorrect, because I have not commented at all on that post.

Now the reason why these posts are shown in the mod history page is because I did take a mod-only action, which is that of deleting comments. This is something I routinely do to clean up (move information from comments to answers/questions) and reduce chatter. But there is no indication of this!

Can we please change the information to only reflect the action that was taken as a result of our mod privileges?

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No, I don't think I want only the mod-only actions. For example, if a question was flagged as off-topic, and I agreed that it was off-topic, but I decided to edit it rather than close, then I would prefer for my edit to show up on that page.

I don't think there is too much information on that page. Sure, some of it is spurious¹, but it doesn't cause any harm.

¹ For example, if one of my posts is flagged, I see “2×moderator edits user”. Because I edited my profile twice… Technically incorrect (this is the number of times I've edited my profile, as a normal user), but not a big deal.

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Well, for flagged posts I certainly don't mind something like Moderator dismisses flags, Edit Body, Edit Title,... I don't really care if all the spurious info is shown if the actual mod-action is also indicated, which in this case would be NxDeleted Comments, where N is the number of nuked comments. – Lorem Ipsum Sep 18 '11 at 21:03

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