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The URL for the Stack Exchange Data Explorer changed from odata.stackexchange.com to data.stackexchange.com some time ago.

There are still a lot of broken links on Meta SO to the old Data Explorer URL. Can we get these updated?

Now when anybody goes to the old links all they see is: Screenshot of the page shown for hyperlinks to odata.stackexchange.com

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Nice. I saw one of these in a suggested edit a moment ago, but didn't realize how many of them were still lying around. I've proposed fixing the error page, by the way. – Pops Sep 19 '11 at 20:38
Hmm, I wonder why the redirect isn't working anymore (although that's not to say the links shouldn't just be fixed anyway). – Tim Stone Sep 19 '11 at 20:41

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The redirect is back up and working, give it a try: http://odata.stackexchange.com

SEDE was totally rebuilt with our Oregon web tier, and the old binding for odata.stackexchange.com simply didn't survive the move...it's just been corrected.

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