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A moment ago, I had two "The bounty on your question expires in the next 24 hours" notification banners active here on MSO. I closed one, and it disappeared as expected. When I moved on to another question, both banners were gone.

I can see how this logic made sense back in the one-bounty-at-a-time days, but now that users can have three simultaneous open bounties each, the dismissal button should only dismiss the selected notification.

Although this is marked completed, it happened again today.

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Our code responsible for "message dismissal" used the message type as opposed to message id as the key for ridding the user of messages.

I just changed it so, in general, we dismiss on message id now. If we need any notifications to dismiss based on "family", let me know so I can special case it.

Keep in mind that many messages get dismissed by simply visiting the profile page.

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