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Current example

How to do networking between virtual machines in VirtualBox?

It describes exactly my current problem, but the answers do not help me.

I would like more specific and complete instructions, how to set up the network adapters in such an environment.

What is the prefer way to behave in such cases?

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start a bounty? The tooltip says "offer some of your reputation for better answers" – Miserable Variable Sep 24 '11 at 15:15
You can also post comment on the answers, asking them for different angle. They might choose to edit their answer with extra details that you need. – Shadow Wizard Sep 25 '11 at 7:55

Did you try the Virtual Networking Guide that mpygon posted?

Users of SE are expected to show research effort on their questions. If the Virtual Networking guide didn't work out for you, try posting a specific question about where you're stuck.

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The Virtual Networking Guide is a ridiculous article for those using VirtualBox under Windows. What is needed is a clear note "Sorry guys you can't configure DHCP by GUI you have to use the command line here. What I miss are links which describe the network setup by GUI. What I hear is RTFM. – bernd_k Sep 25 '11 at 7:22

Start a bounty, and add a comment saying that you've added a bounty saying what you want an answer to tell you, or saying what is missing in the existing answers.

Users with low reputation should be careful with the amount of bounty they set!

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I think another option would be to ask specialized questions. E.g.

How to do networking between virtual machines in VirtualBox using internal networking

That case was mentioned in the accepted answer, but the OP told, that it didn't work for him.

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