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Actually right now on http://stackoverflow.com I see a question which is related to PHP or MySQL.

How to display hours between two dates in mysql

and user wants the answer either in MySQL or PHP and some intelligent person gives answer in PHP and accepted as answer . as this related to sql so i tried to solve this in MS SQL as I have this platform and I have found a suitable solution.

Should I post that code in reply of that question or not?

As this is not related to MySQL but it is related to SQL Server 2005 in general and somebody in future who working with C# and MSSQL can have the same query and can get the answer for this.

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Always add additional details, further information or other solutions to an already answered question... but only if they fit the question.

In this case it's a no. The question is about and , not about . If your answer is generic SQL on the other hand, then yes, add it.

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