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Trying to post a comment to a recently-closed question on Stack Overflow.

Instead, when i hit the "Add Comment" button, SO loads this url:

...and no comment is posted. Note that the comment text appears in the querystring...

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Weird. It doesn't even validate that the comment is long enough or anything. – Hilarious Comedy Pesto Jul 29 '09 at 19:50
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Why would you want to comment on closed posts? :)

Last night's push removed the awesome jQuery Validation plugin. We love it, but don't need all its functionality on this site.

We still want some client validation, so there's some very minimalistic code that's added when the question/answer editor is available on the page - closed posts don't have the editor!

Fixing (and I'm sorry!); will be in tonight's code push.

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That just happened to me while trying to comment on I commented on a non-closed question about 15 minutes ago, so I see no obvious reason for the failure.

Edit: I tried several other questions, some closed, some not. Commenting worked on every open question and failed on every closed question. This is definitely a bug.

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Just noticed this behavior right now.

Is the "comment library" already fixed? ;)

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I noticed this too, except that the question I tried to comment on, someone else managed to comment after it was closed (after my attempt had failed). I assumed that commenting on closed questions was now something only higher-rep people could do. I guess I was wrong.

I can't find the question I first experienced it on, probably has been deleted. It was that "Are you the owner of <some name vaguely related to stack or overflow>?" question.

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Confirmed again... definitely a glitch in the matrix...

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I found that this happened when I tried to include a second jQuery library into the page with Greasemonkey. (Then I realized I could use the current one).

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