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So I've been a SO member for a little over 1 month and in this time I have accumulated 14 zero-score accepted answers and 48 total accepted. My most recent zero accept was 12 days ago and 2 days ago I got the Tenacious badge as expected. But does the 10 day timer reset when getting that badge?

I thought I might have gotten both Tenacious and Unsung Hero at the same time?

14/48 > 25%
14 > 10

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No, the timer does not reset, but you will generally get Tenacious some days earlier than Unsung Hero on account of the requirements being met earlier.

You've got at least 5 answers that are accepted with 0 votes but were in the last 10 days. You only currently surpass the 5 minimum as needed for Tenacious by the timestamps, not the full 10 you need for Unsung Hero.

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Good point, I just now realize that I was sorting my answers by vote when counting, not by time... I'm dumb, thanks for clearing this up for me! – chown Oct 3 '11 at 19:03

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