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Jetpack is the old name of Mozilla's Add-on SDK. We currently have two tags meaning the same thing:

All questions in these tags refer to the Add-on SDK so I would suggest that is made a synonym of . Unfortunately, so far there are only four users who could theoretically vote on my synonym proposal.

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I think "jetpack" is too generic to be a synonym for anything. (For one thing, it's the name of a collection of plugins for WordPress from Automattic.)

Tag cleanup, yes; tag synonym, no.

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After going through the questions tagged "jetpack" again - there are indeed two questions (both from 2010) not referring to Firefox add-ons but rather to the Jetpack theme for Silverlight. But the overwhelming majority of Jetpack questions still refers to Firefox (currently 59, there used to be more however). – Wladimir Palant May 4 '12 at 13:27

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