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In chat, when you post a link ending in .gif, the system tries to import the image. This doesn't work for Wikipedia links like File:Linguistic_map_Southwestern_Europe.gif.

Solution: Wikipedia links which end in .gif but have File: in the right place should have a special import method.

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I doubt that there any real Wikipedia articles ending in .gif (only actual wiki pages are oneboxed). – balpha Oct 6 '11 at 17:54
@balpha: Oh, yeah? – Pops Oct 6 '11 at 18:09
@PopularDemand: touché :) – balpha Oct 6 '11 at 18:42
@balpha: Here's one that's not a redirect: .cat – Mechanical snail Oct 27 '12 at 0:58

If you want the image to be displayed, link to the image ( and not to some page that contains the image.

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... which wouldn't be oneboxed anyway, since that's not an article page. – balpha Oct 6 '11 at 17:52
Error generating thumbnail – PeacefulWarrior Feb 14 '14 at 10:50

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