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Questions which currently have bounties are visible on /questions?sort=featured, but there's no hasbounty:1 or featured:1 search keyword on the search page to find questions which have previously been featured but are not featured anymore.

There's this SEDE query:

-- Answers awarded bounties 
-- Shows answers that have been awarded bounties, most recent answers first.

SELECT post.Id AS [Post Link], 
       vote.BountyAmount AS Bounty,
       post.CreationDate AS Date
FROM Posts post
     JOIN Votes vote ON vote.PostId = post.Id
     JOIN Posts parent ON post.ParentId = parent.Id
      vote.VoteTypeId = 9  AND
      vote.BountyAmount <> 0             
ORDER BY post.CreationDate DESC​

which lists all the answers that have been awarded bounties, but that doesn't include questions that might be as old as 3 months, and doesn't give a good preview.

Can the featured tab include history, or a hasbounty:1 search keyword be added?

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1 Answer 1

Maybe the advanced search option should be hadbounty:1?

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I was trying to keep some modicum of consistency with the other search options. That would add yet another tense. However, that's probably the least important component of this feature request: Is it useful? Is it important? Is it possible? are all more important questions. –  Kevin Vermeer Oct 7 '11 at 17:49

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