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I saw a tag on Stack Overflow that was still in use when it really shouldn't be used anymore. was the former name of the technology, back when it was still in development. So I suggested synonymizing it.

But I don't know what would happen if it did get approved. I assumed that questions using the old tag would retain it until they were retagged manually or a mod does some magic. So I preemptively went through the 39 questions that used the tag and changed it to use the other myself just in case.

Did I really need to do that? Or does the approval of the synonym automatically change them all?

This only describes the voting process (and all other posts that I could dig up).

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Adding a synonym doesn't change any existing tags. Mods have the ability to merge tags such that all posts tagged would be siliently changed to , so that's usually preferrable if there are a lot of posts; editing them manually is slow and bumps 39 posts to the front page

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Don't forget the retag-request... – Shog9 Oct 8 '11 at 20:59
Ok so it doesn't do it automatically, got it. 39 wasn't too bad though, I'd be more concerned if it was a lot more and its use was somewhat ambiguous (fortunately there was only one use of xlinq). – Jeff Mercado Oct 9 '11 at 0:19

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