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We have always made a best effort to identify questions by making the slugs for each question part of the URL. The pattern we have selected strips all letters that are not [a-z] or [0-9] and replaces spaces with dashes. We have found this does help for both usability and indexing a question via google.

We are exploring cases where a slug replacement isn't enough, for example:

Best collection for data in C# .NET we transform the slug to:

Notice in this example that C# has been truncated to just C which isn't really what we'd like to see in the slug. A better representation might be:

This may or may not yield a better search result via google, however it seems like a good experiment to try. Are there other cases where a transliterated title based on a table of matched words and their slug replacement may help with search or usability?

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Has anyone considered asking Matt Cutts? ... He responded:!/mattcutts/status/123597479743725568 – jcolebrand Oct 10 '11 at 22:02

One obvious candidate is C++. For example, "Importing C++ enumerations into C#" currently gets converted into the slug A better slug would be

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I think you're only confuzzling the Tiobe index. It thinks that C is the hottest language, it is just a hair short of beating Java as the most popular language. Hehe.

Google otherwise has no problem with it.

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Amazing what you can claim once you (deludedly) realize that C, C++ and C# are the same thing!!! – Donal Fellows Oct 10 '11 at 22:19

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