When you click on email setting on the inbox, if you try to select the dropdown next to "Email me my unread inbox", it simply flickers and doesn't allow you to select anything. I am using Firefox 7.0.1

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If we use the HTML5 spec to determine what the expected behaviour here is, the only browser that seems to do things correctly is Opera:

The activation behavior of a label element for events targetted at interactive content descendants of a label element, and any descendants of those interactive content descendants, must be to do nothing.

That is, when you click on the dropdown it shows you the options and nothing more.

I guess the desired behaviour was what Chrome does, which is to show you the options and simultaneously select the radio button that the label's for attribute corresponds to. Firefox does the same thing, but since selecting the radio button causes the dropdown to lose focus, this complicates actually picking an option (as you found out).

Moving the dropdown outside of the label likely makes the most sense, and maybe then only automatically selecting the option if the value of the dropdown changes.

Also, although unrelated to your specific issue, the HTML for the radio buttons has a stray quotation mark:

<input type="radio" name="optIn" value="true" id="email-enable" ">
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While it is true that the menu will disappear if you simply left-click it, you should be able to choose a setting by holding down the left mouse button.

Email settings

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true but thats a bit annoying –  leora Oct 11 '11 at 0:57
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