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Currently, you only get alerts in your inbox if someone replies to your question, leaves a comment, or you get a chat message (and probably a couple more that I'm missing).

It would be nice if you got alerted in the inbox for the following events:

  • question/answer gets edited
  • question/answer gets deleted
  • question gets closed
  • question gets migrated

This way we can get more transparency on what happens to our stuff without having to go to each site/question individually.

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Notifications for

question/answer gets edited

would provoke edit wars. Notifications for

question/answer gets deleted

question gets closed

question gets migrated

would cause people to complain too much about community and / or moderator actions.

(Not necessarily my opinions, but these are the types of reasons that have been given before for declining similar requests)

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I imagine that you don't get network-wide notifications for these events because they shouldn't be all that common. If your questions/answers are getting deleted, closed, or migrated frequently, you probably have other problems.

Likewise, I don't see the need for a network-wide notification of edits. If the editing system is working properly, each edit should be an improvement on your post that doesn't require your immediate response. In fact, network-wide edit notifications could actually be detrimental by triggering an "edit war" whenever a post is modified.

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question gets migrated

Note that this will already generate a notification on the site the question was migrated from. Not in your inbox, but as a banner, which you might see if, say, you were to go looking for the question.

Obviously if your question gets migrated, closed, deleted or edited and then commented on or answered, you'll get inbox notifications for that... So if the person editing, migrating, closing or deleting feels you need to be pulled in from any site on the network, they can always just leave a comment.

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If a comment or answer is posted, then the question is deleted, unless you're 10k+ any notification would be useless as you wouldn't be able to see the comment / answer. – agf Oct 11 '11 at 22:37
@agf: well, it'll take you to a page that tells you your question has been deleted... ;-P – Shog9 Oct 11 '11 at 22:45

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