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Currently there are 3 tags all describing the same entity:

I think both and should be made synonyms of .

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Actually, javac is just one of several implementations of a Java compiler (the most common one, available in Oracle's JDK and OpenJDK, though also many use the eclipse-compiler). So, in principle the [java-compiler] tag could be more general, for example for comparisons of different java compilers.

On the other hand, many of the current questions of both and seem to be about javac, so a merge into might be appropriate.

As mentioned by Joachim in the comments, quite some of the questions in the [javacompiler] tag are actually about usages of the Java compiler API ( and related classes/interfaces). (These are actually also using the JRE's default compiler implementation, most likely the same that is javac.) For these, could be more appropriate (and not easily misused).

Then would be for general questions about any Java compilers.

I just removed the tag from all its 4 questions (retagging as appropriate), and then did a short survey of : It has now 44 questions. Of those (by just looking at the question list),

  • 5 seem to be wrongly tagged (i.e. about Java in general)
  • 7 seem to be actually about
  • 20 are about the compiler API ()
  • 6 are about Java compilers in general, or about the eclipse compiler ()
  • 6 are not totally clear from just looking at the summary.

So I think I'll go through the list, retag all but the ones, and then hope to get an SO moderator to merge/synonym the remaining ones.

(Maybe someone else will have a look at existing questions to see if there are any which need retagging.)

Okay, we now have 22 questions with left, which should be merged into (1 question).

I was not able to create the tag (for questions about Java-compilers in general), thus I used for those questions. These should be renamed or merged to now.

Could some kind Stack Overflow moderator do these two tag merges/renames?

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actually quite a few of the javacompiler questions are about the interface introduced in Java 6 to support invocation of the Java compiler from within a Java application. – Joachim Sauer Oct 18 '11 at 13:06
So, would a new tag for this (with appropriate tag wiki) be useful? – Paŭlo Ebermann Oct 18 '11 at 13:09
an improved tag wiki would certainly be an enhancement here. However, I don't know what the tag should be named javacompiler would seem pretty good, but as this post demonstrates, it can easily be mistaken to be about java compilers in general. Maybe using javac (for javac), java-compilers (for Java compilers in general, if necessary) and javacompiler (for the interface) would be the correct approach. – Joachim Sauer Oct 18 '11 at 13:14
Maybe [java-compiler-api]? – Paŭlo Ebermann Oct 18 '11 at 13:50
@PaŭloEbermann +1 for [java-compiler-api] – Idolon Oct 18 '11 at 13:51
@JoachimSauer: I added some update to the answer. – Paŭlo Ebermann Oct 18 '11 at 15:00
He-he… Creating the new tag [java-compilers] is not allowed since the tag [java-compiler] already exists. If you think this new tag should be allowed, raise it on meta. – Idolon Oct 18 '11 at 15:37
@Idolon Yeah. I remarked this ... I'll use [java-compiler] for now, and then see if I can get it merged/renamed. – Paŭlo Ebermann Oct 18 '11 at 15:38
@PaŭloEbermann +1 for good work. Do you know if it would be better to remove "accepted" from your answer to draw moderators attention to this question? – Idolon Oct 20 '11 at 11:59
@Idolon I flagged this answer for moderator attention, but it looks like the SO moderators have too much to do with SO flags to look through the flag list here. (I also tried to hunt one down in the moderator chat room, but they seldom show up in the last time.) Removing the accept might be still a good idea (until the renames are done). – Paŭlo Ebermann Oct 20 '11 at 12:07
@Idolon Thanks to mmyers, this is done now. You can accept again. – Paŭlo Ebermann Oct 20 '11 at 12:40

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