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The following question is old but popular and has a quality answer that the community agrees upon but the questioner is not bothered to mark it as answered.

How to set cellpadding & cellspacing in CSS?

Similarly, following question is probably never going to be answered (since it is too specific and un-reproducible) nor closed (since it is relatively old and unpopular).

Stupefyingly weird IE 9 Javascript bug: Altering doc title makes subsequent code execute

Do we care that questions are left unresolved?

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There is no requirement that any answer ever be accepted to any particular question.

If you like an answer, vote it up. That makes the question formally 'answered'.

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Reflecting upon your answer makes me remember all those times I told someone their accept rate was suboptimal. I felt a small pang of guilt. It's gone now. – slugster Oct 19 '11 at 3:06

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