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Can we have a page with only questions about interesting tags?

Is there some way that I can only view questions that are tagged with one of my favorite tags? If not, would people find this useful enough to be added as a new feature?

I find myself scanning questions for tags that are in my favorite tags quite often...

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Try the Favorite Tags filter on Stack Exchange: it allows you to view questions based on your favorite tags across the entire Stack Exchange network. You can also create a new filter for more fine-grained control over which questions are shown.

The following links provide more detailed explanations of tag filters.

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All of the questions that have your favorite tags are shaded differently than other. (Same goes for the ignored tags.)

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And you can hide questions that are on your ignored list - go to "prefs" and click "hide ignored tags". – Andrew Grimm Nov 1 '11 at 2:57

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